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Surgical Robotics

Surgical robotics have pushed the boundaries of what surgeons can do within a human body, providing new access to anatomy, reducing trauma to the patient, scaling their motions and providing tremor reductions for detailed surgical tasks. While significant progress has been made, a large breadth of surgeries remain open for revolution by incorporating robotics.


In our lab we focus on three areas of research:

  • design and build new surgical robots to provide next-generation interventions for a wide spectrum of surgeries

  • use computer vision for real-time medical image guidance improving intraoperative guidance as well as medical training

  • develop surgical task automation to go beyond human limitations of performing challenging procedures.

Active Projects:

  1. MR/CT-Compatible Robot Biopsy​

  2. AI for Remote Robotic Telesurgery

  3. Learning to Automate Surgery

  4. Rescuing Rhinos with Robots

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