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Biomimetic Robots

Achieving human-like or animal-like performance in robotics it’s a tough problem. The musculoskeletal systems in our bodies are well-tuned for high-strength and quick-reflexes while being fluidic and highly-dexterous. Developing new robot technologies that matches or exceeds the performance of natural organisms is a challenging task. 

We have been involved in designing new robots and actuators that demonstrate new capabilities in machinery, control, and locomotion. We are looking at both flexible snake-like systems that have the ability to grasp, perch, sidewind, slither, and scale into challenging environments, both from the large structural environments such as caves and oceans or planetary surfaces, to small environments like the human body.

Our focus is to demonstrate new robotic capabilities that mimic or exceed the musculoskeletal organisms naturally seen in nature.


Active Projects:

  1. Rescuing Rhinos with Robots

  2. Robotic Planetary Explorer (EELS)

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