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Current Members

Professor Michael Yip

Director, Advanced Robotics and Controls Lab

Ph.D. Bioengineering, Stanford University, USA
M.Sc. Electrical Engineering, University of British Columbia, Canada
B.Sc. Mechatronics Engineering, University of Waterloo, Canada


Interests: Surgical Robots, Autonomy, Robotic Control and Motion Planning, Machine Learning, Convex Optimization, Mechatronics Design, Image-guidance and Augmented Reality, Haptics, Smart Actuators.

Email: | Office: 858.822.4778 | Personal Website |  Google Scholar

Nikhil Das

Ph.D. Student

M.S. Electrical Engineering, University of California, San Diego, USA

B.Sc. Electrical Engineering, University of California, San Diego, USA


Interests: Motion Planning, and Machine Learning.

Project: Minimally Invasive Surgical Task Automation.

Google Scholar

Ahmed Qureshi

Ph.D. Student

M.S. Engineering , Osaka University, Osaka, Japan.

B.S Electrical Engineering, National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), Islamabad, Pakistan.

Interests: Motion Planning, Machine Learning, Surgical Robotics and Human-Robot Interaction.

Project: Automation in surgery.

Google Scholar |  Personal Website

Florian Richter

Ph.D. Student

B.Sc. Electrical Engineering, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA

Interests: Task Automation, Teleoperaion, Perception

Project: Reinforcement learning for surgical task automation and teleoperated surgery under delay

Google Scholar  |  Personal Website

Dimitri Schreiber

Ph.D. Student

B.Sc. Electrical Engineering, University of California, San Diego, USA


Interests: Climbing, Surfing, Diving, and Pottery.

Project: Developing MRI compatible robotics for surgery as well as algorithms for controlling them.

Jacob Johnson

Ph.D. Student

B. Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering with Minor in Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Guwahati 


Interests: Machine learning, generative models, reinforcement learning, imitation learning.

Project: Data efficient reinforcement learning

Henry Li

Ph.D. Student

B.S. in Computer Science and Mathematics, Yale University, New Haven, CT


Interests: Optimization, Manifold Learning.

Project: Fast Natural Gradient Descent, Manifold-based Generative Modeling

Taylor Henderson

M.Sc. Student

BS Bioengineering, UC San Diego

Interests: Machine Learning, Biomechanics, Artificial Muscle Actuators

Project: Lowering the Barriers to Muscle-Powered Robotics Research

Yinglong Miao

M.Sc. Student

B.Sc. in Computer Science, Chinese University of Hong Kong


Interests: Motion Planning and Control, Reinforcement Learning, Machine Learning.

Project: Continual learning using deep models

James Di

M.Sc. Student

B.A in Math and Computer Science, Pomona College


Interests: swimming, traveling and cooking

Project: Machine learning based motion planning

Zhixian Ye

M.Sc. Student

B.Eng in Software Engineering in SYSU


Interests: Visual Perception and Motion Planning in Robotics

Project: Motion planning based on Auris arms


Mingwei Xu

M.Sc. Student

B.E. Mechanical Engineering


Interests: Robotics, Perception, Design

Project: Optimal da Vinci Arm Positioning for Minimal Self and Environment Collisions

Duke Lin

M.Sc. Student

BS in Computer Engineering

Interests: The great outdoors

Project: Reinforcement learning for robot manipulation

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Phil Weissbrod, MD

Director, UCSD Center for Voice and Swallowing

Associate Professor, Department of Surgery

Interests: Robotic surgery, Robotic Endoscopy

Project: Flexible Robot Endoscopy 
Email: pweissbrod@ucsd.eduPersonal Website 

Ryan Orosco, MD

Assistant Professor of Surgery, ENT/Head and Neck (Otolaryngology)

Robotic Minimally Invasive Surgery Specialization

Interests: Robotic surgery. Flexible robotics. Semi-autonomous robotic surgery. Using surgical robotics in new and creative ways. Translating engineering lab solutions to clinical robotic surgery

Project: Semi-Autonomous Surgery 
Email: | Twitter: @DrOrosco  | Personal Website |  Google Scholar

Emily K. Funk, MD

Clinical & translational collaborator, Advanced Robotics and Controls Lab

Resident Physician, Department of Surgery 

Interests: Innovative design and applications to head and neck surgery, robotic surgery, flexible robotics

Project: Semi-Autonomous Surgery, Flexible Robot Endoscopy 
Email: ekfunk@ucsd.eduPersonal Website 

Alexander Norbash, MD

Chair and Professor of Radiology

Clinical Interventional Neuroradiologist

UC San Diego, CA, USA.

Project: MRI Guided Robot 
Email: | Personal Website 

Rebecca Theilmann, PhD

Director of MRI, Radiology Imaging Laboratory

Assistant Professor, Radiology

Project: MRI Guided Robot 
Email: Personal Website 

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Undergraduate Students


Anthony Simeonov, 5th Year MAE, UCSD

Siqiao Ruan, 2nd Year CSE, UCSD

Yuheng Zhi (Visiting Student), 4th Year CSE, SJTU 

Julie Yu, 4th Year MAE, UCSD

Yifei Zhang, 4th Year CSE, UCSD

Mrinal Verghese, 3rd Year Math, UCSD​

Chris, 3rd Year Math, UCSD