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ARClab at RSS conference at MIT

ARClab will present 1 conference paper and 2 workshop papers during the coming RSS conference at MIT next week. The papers are : 1- J. Zhang, M. Yip, Three-Dimensional Hysteresis Modeling of Robotic Artificial Muscles with Application to Shape Memory Alloy Actuators. Robotics: Science and Systems. July 12-16, 2017. 2- J. Zhang and M. C. Yip, Three-dimensional hysteresis modeling of robotic artificial muscles with application to shape memory alloy actuators," Robotics: Science and Systems, in workshop: Material Robotics -- Bridging Materials Science and Robotics, 2017

3 - N. Das, N. Gupta, and M. C. Yip, "Fastron: A Learning-Based Configuration Space Model for Rapid Collision Detection for Gross Motion Planning in Changing Environments," Robotics: Science and Systems, in workshop: (Empirically) Data-Driven Manipulation, 2017.

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